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The sky is not the limit. Your mind is.
~Marilyn Monroe
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Foxy and I have an epic adventure every time we go paddle boarding and you can too! I like different water sports for different reasons. Paddle boarding is great because it's relaxing, it's exercise and it's fun all at the same time. I get to enjoy nature with my little fox right by side. We've seen dolphin and manatee many times together. Animals are dear to most of our hearts and we can have fun while helping them at the same time.

I'm wearing a Salty Dog Paddle boarding shirt to represent my "SUP PUP" and dogs everywhere. Salty Dog Apparel gives 100% of it's proceeds to injured dogs that have been rescued. Since they are made up of volunteers, they do not keep anything for themselves. Salty Dog uses water sports as a way to raise funds and awareness for pets and marine life. Isn't that fabulous? They educate others about the water/marine life on their paddle board tours and provide funds to animal rescues- making them the largest watersports c…

Life's short...enjoy the ride!

I have day-dreamed of being able to ride my old dirt bike on the beach in a bikini and well, Flaunt Vehicles made my dream come true! Flaunt makes electric bikes that you can ride on the road, dirt or on the beach. My friend and I got to take them out for a spin and it was an awesome ride!

Flaunt Electric Vehicles was founded on the idea that Eco-friendly transportation could be stylish, performance-drive, safe & fun. They are not your ordinary bikes so, we needed a quick lesson in the pedal-assist system and controlling the 6 levels of speed. We practiced a little in the parking lot and then we headed to the beach. It was a smooth ride and easier than you'd think. We made it in time to confidently ride along the beach in our bikinis and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I was proud to be wearing my Eco-friendly bikini by Luminous Sol Swimwear while enjoying the speed of an Eco-friendly bike with the ocean breeze blowing in my hair. I don't think we ever stopped smiling.


Sustainability is Sexy!

When I left teaching to be in the swimwear industry, I was in for a rude awakening. I was a science teacher so, my favorite things to teach were about saving the Earth and animals. For example, I did experiments that showed the students we can't get rid of Styrofoam even with Acetone and it just builds up in our landfills (and my beloved ocean.) Little did I know at the time that fashion is considered one of the top contributors in destroying the ocean, in turn killing the very ocean animals that give us life. So yes, finding people and companies that care about the planet and living things is very sexy to me. And, having a brain and conscience is much sexier than any Kardashian.

Many of the well-known big brands in the swimwear industry pollute fresh water with their dying process and wrap every piece of swimwear in a plastic bag. We are talking millions of little unnecessary plastic bags, which may or may not be recycled, which may or may not end up in the ocean. Since swimwea…
You be the sun, I'll be the moon--just let your light come shining through; and when night comes, just like the moon, I'll shine the light right back to you.

Bella Brazil

Do you want to look and feel beautiful in your swimwear? You'll be sure to look "bella" in a stylish Brazilian swimsuit. Bella Brazil Australia is for the traveling girl who wants to be stylish and sexy in an authentic Brazilian bikini. The suits are made in Brazil and shipped world-wide from the coast of Australia.

I brought both of my cute Bella Brazil bikinis to South Carolina and felt great in them. The sweet people of South Carolina stopped what they were doing to come tell me I looked beautiful and that gave me some confidence to sport my new suits. The bottoms are true Brazilian style; they are a little tiny but can be adjusted on the front and back depending on how you want it to look. Cheeky bottoms give you some shape and enhance the curves of your body. I was able to hike up my bottoms high on my hips for the high-rise leg look, which is a cute trending summer fashion. Both of my tops are adjustable and include molded cups. I love a traditional push up trian…

Sunshine State of Mind

Attending and walking in fashion shows have always been like sunshine to me. Recently I walked the runway for one of my favorite clothing lines, Sunshine State Goods, during Miami Swim Week 2018! Sunshine State Goods is all about sporting a sunshine state of mind in sunny Florida, which I don't think anyone would argue that I represent well. I've lived in Florida my whole life and love our state. It was very exciting to see the creative and beautiful owner, get my hair and make-up done, and pick out which fun outfit I should wear. Most of us living the Florida lifestyle know that if you're not barefoot, you're, we walked barefoot. I went out there in my hat and "Florida" tank dancing my way down the runway. I saw all smiles in the crowd and that made me smile even bigger. Not only do I appreciate all the great sayings on Sunshine State Goods clothing, like my hat that says "Smile Florida" but, what I love the most is spreading the …

Rose' All Day!

If you could bring anything to the island with you, what would it be? I chose my Rose' Floate' and matching Jomie bikini. When this beautiful bottle of Rose' started following me on Instagram I immediately fell in love. It's a genius idea and the original champagne bottle pool float; which was started by a wonderful woman in Los Angeles, California. With such a fun float, it's no wonder they sold out recently. It's now available online at with plenty of bottles to fulfill your needs and has been traveling the world ever since. I was so excited when my very own Rose' Floate' arrived at my door in a cute pink box. I used an air mattress pump to blow it up and in a matter of seconds I was ready to go! It's made of a high-quality, thick vinyl. It also comes with a small repair kit (just in case you have to much champagne and accidentally get a hole.) This float is perfect to take anywhere. I took mine out on the boat to an island and enjoyed…

Surfing Style

When you are out there catching waves, it's essential to wear a good swimsuit such as the high neck top and tab-side bottoms seen here. I was able to focus on my surfing style and show off my swimsuit style in the new Eve 7 "Dragonfruit" bikini. Eve 7 swimwear was designed by a surfer and has been put to the test in more ways than one. I love when it when I have the perfect fit and style so that I don't have to worry about my swimsuit moving with every move I make. I knew this style top would be great for coverage and support plus, it has an adjustable string racer-back for an even better fit. As it gets wet, you can tighten it on your shoulders and back. Eve 7 is a brand I trust and can count on. With their always trending designs, the fit and fabric is also always on point. I think this one has a beautiful front design with dainty, flowered lace that is breathable and stretchable. I did throw on a rash-guard before surfing to protect it and recommend that you do t…