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LOVE is the best investment...

Dear Beautiful, This swimsuit is unique, just like you. Wear with confidence and be yourself. ~Blue Coral Swimwear
These are the words of the sweet note attached to my new black one-piece by Blue Coral. Isn't it fabulous? Blue Coral is all about inspiring women to be body positive and their swimwear is inspired by your beauty. The owner and designer is a lovely woman who inspires other women to love themselves and see their inner beauty.

Self-love is a must when wearing a swimsuit and I like how the note put a smile on my face before I even put my new swimsuit on. I chose this suit because it is called the "Audrey" in Blue Coral's new Romance Collection. I'm a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. We can learn a lot from her class, kindness and strength. I also slightly resemble her character in the beloved movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, which inspired this photo shoot and I literally have my neighbor to thank for taking my photos. Women are able to feel confident in …
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Healthy habits for that swimsuit body...

My shirt says "Hustle Habit," the motto of After Body Meals, a local company that delivers healthy meals to your front door or gym. Eating healthy and staying active are good habits for all! After Body Meals makes it easy for you to eat healthy and fresh. Then, you can use that energy to have some fun in the sun as exercise. People are usually surprised I don't go to a gym, however, I do have what I consider to be healthy habits. I'm far from perfect but, I thought I could share some tips that I feel have helped me to stay confident in my swimwear in hopes that you will, too.

First, I eat healthy for the most part. I think most people give up on diets because they are too restricting and no fun. When eating healthy foods that you like is made your way of life, it is much easier and you will feel good in general. I like to eat fresh, nutrient-rich foods that are beneficial to my body on a daily basis. That way when I'm out with friends, at a party or on vacation …

You had me at 4-way top!

Good things come to those who "bait." This bikini top can be worn in 4 different styles and it was definitely worth the wait! It's the newest bikini by Versakini, the amazing brand that makes swimsuits that can be worn multiple ways by Kelsey Duffy from Shark Tank and Amanda Perna from Project Runway. You may remember my ever-so-popular Versakini from last season. (See "What Can Your Bikini Do?")

I attended the Versakini Fashion Show over the summer and was in awe of the many great new styles for 2018. Versakini came out with a bathing suit bottom that can be worn as a skirt, as briefs with a fold-over or you can pull it up to turn it into a one-piece. The crowd definitely cheered when the model showed this off on the runway! I'm learning patience from the fashion industry because it took several months for the collections to be ready. The suit I'm wearing is reversible and it can be switched around front-to-back for a new look. I had planned on switch…

A picture is worth 413 words...

Let’s bring on the sunshine! Many people know me as a bikini-loving, swimwear blogger who is a fit and style specialist. I also love to take photos, work on visual displays and of course, inspire others with my positive social media marketing. I took this photo for Bikini Company with the caption “Be the sunshine in someone’s day!”

This magnificent rainbow, high-neck bikini top with matching bottoms was the perfect center for my sun. It's a Billabong bikini that looks great on, with such fabulously soft fabric. I've always loved Billabong for it's classic style and surf wear. Plus, I believe Billabong read my mind when they made their motto "A Bikini Kinda Life." Wait until you see the new wave collection with an 80's vibe. Who else is excited the 80's are coming back?

An important aspect to having fun in the sun is staying hydrated. I just love these Natural Life water reusable bottles. They benefit the environment, remind you to drink your water and p…
When you dance to your own rhythm,  life taps it's toes to your beat.
2017 Top Photo Model: Paige Swimsuit: Trident Swimwear Photography: Koryophoto

Trust me, I'm a mermaid!

What better way to start the new year than with some new attire. Clear out the old and make room for the new in all aspects of your life. I like to look back at how far I've come and stay positive for what's yet to come. I wanted to be a mermaid and I'm so glad I followed my dreams. If you have a 2018 goal or new year's resolution in mind, then stick with it!

In 2017, I got to model swimwear, attend swim shows, learn new water-sports, travel to beautiful beaches and basically live in a bikini. Most importantly, I was able to make a positive difference in the lives of others, help the environment and enjoy my awesome job. It was a pretty mer-mazing year and I now have more swimsuits than I ever dreamed of! There will always be setbacks but, the key is to not give up on what's important to you. For example, I would've never got the new bikini I'm wearing in the above photos if I didn't go for it. I saw it at Miami Swim Week and thought it was so cute. It…

10 easy ways to save the ocean and marine life

1. Don't pollute or litter. Use trash cans with lids.
2. Join a beach-clean up group or choose to go pick up the beach one day with friends.
3. Reduce the amount of products and waste you accumulate.
4. Reuse items (like water bottles and plastic bags) and get creative on how you can use it again or make into something new.
5. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
6. Go plastic-free.
7. Support organizations that help marine life and protect our oceans.
8. Purchase from eco-friendly companies and write to those that use unnecessary packaging/supplies for their products. Some great eco-friendly companies on this blog are Koru, Lagoa, Luminous Sol, Dana Lou Fit and Vitamin Sea.
9. Share with others, teach your children and encourage others to help.
10. Refuse it!

"Knotty" but nice!

Christmas is almost here! Are you on Santa's naughty list or nice list? If you are on the nice list, maybe you will get a swimsuit under the tree. Luckily, it's still nice weather here in Florida and I got to wear my new knotted bikini from Raisins Swimwear. You may have noticed the "knot" trend. I was happy Raisins makes one that actually is adjustable when you tie the knot in the front of the suit. The back is bra-style with adjustable straps. I love the print and as you can see, it reverses to light pink! The top and bottom also have a subtle crochet detailing around the edges that give it a little extra beauty. This suit will be available in Raisin's spring 2018 collection called Pink Kiss. I love it! I also love my beautiful friend's bikini. We were able to coordinate our look since both bikinis are reversible. She got her Maaji swimsuit at Bikini Company in New Smyrna Beach. They have the largest and best selection in all of Florida. Many people know M…
Spring 2018 Radio Fiji "Diamondhead" Tasha Bra Top and Tao Pant Bottom