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"You have to hold onto your fantasy." Betsey Johnson

All-in-One Bikini

Hooray for Raisins Swimwear! Designing and making a bikini that has everything we want is not an easy task. The top is a stylish high neck. I love that it's not your typical high neck because it has ruffles and a flower print with a hint of pink. It is supportive and gives your bust a fuller appearance. The back of the top has a beautiful detailed "racerback" which is not only stylish but is also comfortable and beneficial to your body. The bikini bottoms I'm wearing are a black-and-white print that can be worn with this top or other tops you may own. They are also reversible to the flower print. The bottoms have detailed strappy sides that are trending in the bikini market right now, with medium coverage in the back. In this Raisins bikini you can feel pretty and confident while swimming, jumping off of rocks, playing with the kids or doing water sports. That's why this bikini is an All-in-One choice for me!  Do you have a bikini that has it all

Paige's Paddleboarding Benefits

Platinum Sun Watersports and Fitness Apparel Imagine paddling yourself down a river while watching dolphin play right by the board you are standing on. No worries, no care. Get out there and go stand up paddleboarding! There are many ways to have fun and keep a positive body image for your swimsuit-wearing days. This is your "swimwear inspiration" right here. I chose to wear my Platinum Sun yoga set this time because I wanted to be comfortable and secure when doing paddleboarding yoga but, I enjoy paddleboarding on sunny days in my bikini too, of course. There are so many benefits to SUP so, I've made a list for you. 1) It's good for your mind. The mental benefits of exercise and being outside are enough on their own. Paddleboarding can be very peaceful and you can clear your mind. It's been known to relieve stress. 2) It's good for your body. It's an overall body workout (with low-impact) and a lot of cardio to help your heart. You can tone

How do you DanaLou?

DanaLouFit & For the Love of Water What do you think of the colorful DanaLouFit bikini I'm modeling in the top photo? It is much more than meets the eye. That is sweet Dana Lou modeling in the center photo and our talented underwater photographer modeling in the photo below her. I'm honored to team up with these beautiful souls and their "For the Love of Water" campaign. Kick back and relax to find out more. Dana started her fitness apparel line with heart and experience. Her designs are functional and comfortable for an active lifestyle. She personally makes and tests out patterns before production. With a specialization in active wear, it was a perfect idea to make swimwear as well. The one-piece swimsuits and bikinis are adjustable, stylish and feel amazing on. My high-neck top and brazilian bottoms are great for swimming, surfing and more. I love the trending "wrap around" top with brazilian bottoms Tristine is wearing. You can also get