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You can achieve what you believe!

Paige's first home-made bikini While teaching a fashion design class to teenagers one summer, I told them they could design and make whatever they wanted. Of course, I decided to sew a bikini from scratch. Sometimes it's hard to find exactly what you want and the beautiful bikini in this picture is exactly what I had imagined. I got to design it to my liking. I bought yards of fabric and made a pattern by tracing around my favorite fitting bikini. I used a sewing machine to complete it in just a few hours. It’s amazing what you can do when you form an idea and when you put your mind to something. Shortly after, lace bikinis like this were everywhere! I'd love to hear your stories too.

Your Sister Size You may know your bra size but, did you know it had a sister? See the above chart as a way to help make shopping for bikini tops easier for you. There are many swimwear brands with tops that are fitted to your bra size. You can fit correctly into more than just one size. The actual cup size usually gets bigger with the band size. For example, if you wear a 36D, you could also wear a 34DD or if you wear a 38DD, you could also wear a 40D. Even if they don't have your "exact" size, knowing the corresponding fit for you will help you when shopping. Even then, I recommend trying on. With an open and knowledgeable mind, a different size may be the winner. The teacher in me wants you to memorize the part of this chart that relates to you. Do your homework and it could save you frustration in the future.


Luli Fama & Vitamin A We LOVE our Luli Fama and Vitamin A bikinis. This summer, I say choose bold and bright colors to let your light shine. Pinks, greens, oranges and yellows are all the rage right now. The Luli Fama bikini on the left is called "Hot Mess." The Vitamin A "Maarten Stripe" bikini on the right has a beautifully, bright matching rash guard and high-neck top. As Dr. Seuss said, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?" Shop for BRIGHT swimwear at Surfshop (click here)

Rad rash guards

Cocoa Beach, FL It 's a good thing I am wearing my Roxy rash guard because it really protected my stomach when laying on the surfboard. You may want a rash guard for many reasons. They are great for water sports, for extra coverage and to protect yourself from the sun. If you are looking for protection from the sun then you are in luck. Get a long sleeve rash guard that fully protects and covers you made by the brand Cover. These rash guard's have a UPF 50 certification that will block 98% of UV rays. Some of my favorite brands like Maaji, Billabong, Vitamin A and Quiksilver have really cute rash guards with matching bottoms too. Shop for surfboards at Surfshop (click here) Shop for the best surfing sunscreen at Surfshop (click here)

High waist = High Fashion

High Waist Bottoms: Vince Camuto My friend is in high fashion with her high waist bikini bottoms! I'm not going to lie...I wasn't sure how I felt about the high waist style at first. Now, I'm starting to see all the benefits. Most of them come up to your belly button and it solves the problem of the dreaded belly bulge, especially if you want to sit down. It also covers scars and is good for all sizes. L* Space and Red Carter are swimsuit brands I'd recommend with cute straps on the sides (and still cover your belly perfectly.) More importantly, I'm a vintage girl and love when older fashions come back in style. Doesn't she look classic? Shop for high fashion swimwear at Surfshop (click here)

YOU are amazing!

We've all heard the saying nobody's perfect but, it was one of my second grade students who said to me "EVERYBODY is their own way." It saddens me to see so many wonderful and beautiful people with such low self esteem. I'll admit that even I am a victim to it at times, however, we must believe the good as easily as we would criticism and embrace flaws. Who cares if your body isn't perfect? I'm sure the so-called perfect supermodels are probably upset about something too, especially not getting to eat hamburgers! It's what's inside that counts and shines through. Kindness and integrity are things that should impress, not looks or sizes. Do you agree? If you can look in the mirror and be proud of who you are than that is what matters, not what you wear and definitely not what you look like in a swimsuit. We should support each other, not tear each other down. Let's join together and share this with others. You may not even re

Let freedom ring!

O'NEILL I've got my red, white and blue. How about you? Freedom is the right to act, speak, or think as you want. We have so many choices to make in life (and in our swimwear) but we are blessed to have that freedom. I've been seeing a lot of cute American Flag bikinis and board shorts on social media, the internet and in stores. Mix-matching is in fashion right now so, keep in mind that you can always pair white with blue or red too. I chose the one in this photo because I can wear it with red, blue or white bottoms- and it's reversible! Prepare all your accessories too; such as sunglasses, earrings, flip flops, funny T's and hair-wear. Let's celebrate independence day with a bang! Really, every day is worth celebrating.