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Radio Fiji by Tropical Photography “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Hakuna Wear...It Means No Worries!

Hakuna Wear Swimwear and iRocker Paddleboard by Michael Flores Photography Do you remember the song from Disney's "The Lion King"? As Timon and Pumbaa would say, "Hakuna Matata! It means no worries." I always loved that song and what it represents about life. I'm guessing Jessica, the designer of Hakuna Wear, did too. She's an adorable, sweet surfer girl that wanted us to have no worries when surfing (and even while simply wearing a swimsuit.) She's a beauty with brains and used her chemistry PhD to bring us the best swimsuit fabrics out there!  I had the opportunity to meet Jessica in Miami, Florida where these photos were taken. She lives and surfs in California, where the Hakuna Wear swimsuits are made. She brought us sustainable swimwear where we can be free to be ourselves. Our vibes couldn't be more in sync, especially since that's what my swimwear inspiration blog is all about. I felt very comfortable in my high-waist

Welcome to the Island Mermaid Tribe!

  Island Mermaid Tribe bikini with Moonshine Eyewear Sunglasses If you like island-life, mermaids and fishing...welcome to the tribe! The Island Mermaid Tribe was started by a creative Floridian in St. Augustine, Florida. Her family loves to fish and share the mermaid spirit. I do too so, I became part of the tribe with this unique "Mahi-Mahi" print bikini. I wore it fishing and we pulled the boat up to an island. I felt very confident in knowing that no matter what fish we caught my bikini was still the "catch of the day." Did you know the name for the fish comes from Hawaii and means "strong, strong"? That can build your confidence right there as you wear this swimsuit because we women are definitely strong. The print is an original designed created by the owner and it is brightly, beautiful in person. I got to pick which color strings I wanted and I chose "ocean blue." I also chose the tie-side/triangle-top styles to guarantee a g