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Sustainability is Sexy!

Vitamin A T-shirt and bikini When I left teaching to be in the swimwear industry, I was in for a rude awakening. I was a science teacher so, my favorite things to teach were about saving the Earth and animals. For example, I did experiments that showed the students we can't get rid of Styrofoam even with Acetone and it just builds up in our landfills (and my beloved ocean.) Little did I know at the time that fashion is considered one of the top contributors in destroying the ocean, in turn killing the very ocean animals that give us life. So yes, finding people and companies that care about the planet and living things is very sexy to me. And, having a brain and conscience is much sexier than any Kardashian. Many of the well-known big brands in the swimwear industry pollute fresh water with their dying process and wrap every piece of swimwear in a plastic bag. We are talking millions of little unnecessary plastic bags, which may or may not be recycled, which may or ma