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Let your dreams set sail!

I'm Going Platinum

Platinum Sun Rash Guard I'm going Platinum Sun, that is. Platinum Sun is an elite sports apparel company owned by two lovely sisters. I'm sure you've noticed how much my I love family owned businesses and good companies. When meeting these two beautiful souls, I thought "Wow! They are both nice, smart and intuitive!" These ladies and the Platinum Sun team are proud of the quality of their products but humble enough to know its not about's about us and our lifestyle. Not only is my rainbow rash guard fashionable but, it also fits me like a glove. I enjoy the fact that it has a zipper and thumb holes, too. The fabric is quick-drying, it has an anti-glide waistband and UPF of 50+. What I found most interesting is that the fabrics are treated with an antibacterial finish. Perfect for a "germ-a-phobe" like me. Plus, their products have low profile seams to prevent irritation and rashing. These ladies have thought of everything! P


Just Bones Boardwear A cloudy day at the beach doesn't bother me! I just keep on smiling because I love my Just Bones Boardwear Fuchsia Bonaire Bikini. I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer, the owner and designer, at the Orlando Surf Expo. She is one of those people you can become instant friends with. She was a lovely woman and we had so much in common! We both grew up in South Florida, love beach wear, have an eye for design and knew the 80's would be coming back! Plus, her logo that rocks the skull and cross bones had me at hello. Just Bones has board shorts for toddlers, boys, girls and men. What makes these board shorts perfect for any size is the patented adjustable waist. I love the girl's board shorts with skulls on them. For the guys, I recommend the Maui or Bermuda because the patterns really caught my eye and I bet the special woman in your life will love them, too. They stretch and are quick-dry, perfect for surfers. Just Bones h


Cheers Sunglasses (Bikini: Ale by Alessandra) Why didn't I think of that? That's something we all tend to say when we come across a genius idea like this. I'm not just wearing ordinary sunglasses...they are bottle openers! As I was walking through the larger-than-life Orlando Surf Expo, these babies definitely caught my eye. Cheers sunglasses are the perfect accessory for your day at the beach, out on the boat or really anywhere you travel. They are fashionable, affordable and functional for both men and women. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you really can't go wrong. Each pair has a fun and unique name, too. Cheers protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and won't break when you are trying to pop open bottles. You can even send them back if you are not satisfied. However, I think you'll enjoy your Cheers Sunglasses. After meeting the owner and browsing through the website, I can tell these guys are down for a good time and strive for per