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This ones for the boys!

These board shorts by Lost are awesome! I love the checkered flag combo and the hint of pink. I think we all know some of the other brands I'd recommend for cool board shorts like Fox, Hurley, Billabong and Lip Ripper Fishing Gear. However, we girls like trendy and funny too so, you may want to look in to getting chubbies! They are in style right now and definitely make me laugh. (Chubbies are extra short but stylish and comfortable.)  Maybe I can be a swimwear stylist for all...I have been asked to make swimwear for men and you can be sure to trust my opinion when it comes to board shorts. If you want to get the board shorts I recommend in this photo or shop for more, click on the link below. The Surfshop has many types of board shorts, with an assortment of patterns and lengths.

Shop for men's board shorts at Surfshop (click here)

Don't want tan lines?!

You're better off with a bandeau if you want to avoid the dreaded tan lines on your neck, chest and shoulders. Bandeaus can also help with your style and overall look. I like mine tight so that I do not have to keep pulling it up or you could look for one that has removable straps. Seafolly and Vitamin A make amazing bandeaus that come in many colors. You could also get a bandeau one-piece! The beautiful bikini in this picture was also a bargain because it was on sale! Be on the look out for your next bandeau. I'm ready for the Bahamas with this bikini!

Shop for women's swimwear at Surfshop (click here)

I've got you "covered."


When we went white water rafting this summer, it prompted me to write about "adventure" wear. You are going to want to be prepared and wear the proper swim attire when you are active like this. It's the one time I'll say NOT to wear your string bikini. We can't be retying strings when paddling down category 4 raging waters. When I was surfin' the bull up in the front, I was so happy I was covered in my Maaji shorts and a supportive top. Shoes must be worn so I chose my Roxy slip-ons. If you like to do water sports like this, it would be a good time to wear swimwear I've written about previously; one-pieces, high necks, high waist, shorts, Lip Ripper, rash guards, etc. Be prepared and you can enjoy the ride.

Ti amo!

Love is what makes the world go 'round. I started this new adventure just a few months ago, not knowing much about managing/marketing a blog or how it would go. My friends and family know that I had zero social media before this- and that I spend more time having fun than on the computer (and still do!) But I knew that I know swimwear, have a lot of ideas, want to share with others and am learning new things all the time. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and we are all growing each new day. We should take time to stop and smell the roses. I want to let you know I appreciate YOU for reading and sharing my posts. I sincerely thank you for following my blog, my Instagram and/or my Google Plus. I especially thank you for the kind words. They are easy to speak but their echoes are endless. When you share with others and give me positive feedback, it makes me smile- and I hope to make you smile too! Let me know if you have any suggestions and/or would like to be …

Gotta-have Gottex

Have you ever heard of Gottex? Gottex is an iconic brand with many different types of swimwear with beautiful fabrics. The designer is only 35 and she has accomplished so much success already! Gottex uses special fabrics with sun protection, comfort and less water retention.There is something for everybody fitting a broad range of sizes; one pieces, bikini tops and bottoms, skirts, tankinis, etc. The best part is that women with large busts are able to find a bikini top that fits. Profile Blush, as seen in this picture, has tops that go up to DDD/F! Wahoo!