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Shark Week

Ensasa Fashion (Photo taken by Jason Q) Swimwear inspiration can be found everywhere. I just had to get this swimsuit in honor of Shark Week, especially with all the positive comments I received. The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on some swimwear. This was only $10 on Amazon (which will make up for the cost of those Tiffany sunglasses.) It really should be worn in New Smyrna, the shark bite capital of the world! I hope you enjoy everything sharks this week...whether it be fishing for some, watching them on TV or following Katharine the Great White at Stay safe! 10% off Shark Watches (click here)'s a disguise

Maaji It's a "thighs" disguise. Get yourself some swim shorts or swim skirts if you want to hide your thighs, cover your behind, hide your belly or just add coverage. Choosing black or patterned -fabric will be even more slimming. Some brands that sell cute shorts are Roxy, Hurley, Maaji and La Blanca. You can also get swim skirts from LaBlanca, Profile by Gottex , Profile Blush and Sunsets. You get to have your pick of shorter or longer of course. They are great for "active" swimwear, too. I'm going to wear mine the next time I try surfing, wake-boarding and white water rafting.

It takes a strong man to make strong women

Jensen Beach, FL   Because of you, we are strong… You always chose to ignore our faults and see the good in us; And now we choose to persevere when faced with adversity. Thank you for showing us how a courageous man becomes a true hero.   Because of you, we are kind… You always chose to see the beauty inside us; And now we choose to share that goodness with the rest of the world. Thank you for showing us how a peaceful man cares about others.  Because of you, we are supportive… You always chose to encourage us and appreciate our ideas; And now we choose to lift others up, especially in their time of need. Thank you for showing us how a confident man brings out the best in others. Because of you, we are accepting… You always chose to let us be who we wanted to be; And now we choose to embrace the good in everyone we meet. Thank you for showing us how a welcoming man turns differences into strengths.     Because of you, we are balanced… You al

Paige's Top Ten

10 Summer Must-Haves 1) Betsey Johnson bikini 2) L*Space cover up 3) Roxy Flip flops 4) Oakley sunglasses 5) Australian Gold SPF 15 with Bronzer Tanning Spray 6) Sun Bum Chapstick with SPF 30 (Key Lime...yum!) 7) Victoria's Secret beach bag 8) Live-Love-Dream beach towel Shop for beach towels at Surfshop (click here) 9) Filled cooler 10) Good people, good tunes and good attitude

Lip Ripper Fishing Gear

Meet Bo Steveson, the owner and designer of Lip Ripper Fishing Gear. He has been one of my good friends (for over 20 years!) and he's an all around awesome guy, so much that we joke that he is the mayor of St. Lucie County, Florida. His donations to the county and the fishing community are tremendous. The Lip Ripper Fishing Gear team loves the sport of fishing and they've always been around the water lifestyle. They give the fishing community a clothing line that focuses on quality, cool designs and stylish choices for men, women and children. Lip Ripper Fishing Gear has an assortment of hats and shirts you can wear on and off the boat. If you are looking for a caring and fashionable company at a decent price, please visit any of the sites below. Be sure to check out the boardshorts guys! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some Lip Ripper bikinis! Who's with me? https://www.ins
A smile is the best thing to wear!

Smaller busts need lovin' too!

Last month, I posted an article about big busts...what if you don't have that problem? You are in luck! Some women don't have to worry about things like underwire and support. You can wear bra-lettes and bandeaus without care. Basically, go for pure STYLE and get excited because you can wear some of my favorite brands like Ale (seen in this picture), Be tsey Johnson, Maaji, Fox, Vitamin A and L * Space. Look for prints, ruffles and push-up if you want to make your bust look fuller . And remember to be happy with what you have . ;)