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10 easy ways to save the ocean and marine life

1. Don't pollute or litter. Use trash cans with lids. 2. Join a beach-clean up group or choose to go pick up the beach one day with friends. 3. Reduce the amount of products and waste you accumulate. 4. Reuse items (like water bottles and plastic bags) and get creative on how you can use it again or make into something new. 5. Recycle, recycle, recycle! 6. Go plastic-free. 7. Support organizations that help marine life and protect our oceans. 8. Purchase from Eco-friendly companies and write to those that use unnecessary packaging/supplies for their products. Some great Eco-friendly companies on this blog are Koru, Lagoa, Luminous Sol, Dana Lou Fit, Hakuna Wear, Dylee and Lylee, Nature City and Vitamin Sea. 9. Share with others, teach your children and encourage others to help. 10. Refuse it!   Purchase from the Eco-friendly Online Shop

"Knotty" but nice!

Maaji and Raisins Christmas is almost here! Are you on Santa's naughty list or nice list? If you are on the nice list, maybe you will get a swimsuit under the tree. Luckily, it's still nice weather here in Florida and I got to wear my new knotted bikini from Raisins Swimwear. You may have noticed the "knot" trend. I was happy Raisins makes one that actually is adjustable when you tie the knot in the front of the suit. The back is bra-style with adjustable straps. I love the print and as you can see, it reverses to light pink! The top and bottom also have a subtle crochet detailing around the edges that give it a little extra beauty. This suit will be available in Raisin's spring 2018 collection called Pink Kiss. I love it! I also love my beautiful friend's bikini. We were able to coordinate our look since both bikinis are reversible. She got her Maaji swimsuit at Bikini Company in New Smyrna Beach. They have the largest and best selecti
Spring 2018 Radio Fiji "Diamondhead" Tasha Bra Top and Tao Pant Bottom


Radio Fiji "All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to her that they are not all the same." -Marilyn Monroe The same goes for bikinis. My newest Radio Fiji swimsuit is definitely not like the others and that's why I fell in love. It is so luxurious and soft! I had been wanting a velvet bikini and finally my dreams have come true. Trust me ladies, you will feel beautiful, classy and romantic in this new style. The trendy choker made me feel "dressed up" and the rose gold clasps are details that made me feel like royalty. For bottoms, you can choose between full coverage or cheeky style. I suggest cheeky, as usual, because the velvet feels like a lot of fabric as it is. There is also a fabulous velvet one-piece for a sexy yet elegant look. But, Paige, can you get it wet?! Of course I can! It's made of poly velvet, which is a polyester-spandex blend. It's still made to be a swimsuit and I got it wet. It does get a little heavier and t