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  4-in-1 is so much fun! When shopping for a new swimsuit, look for reversible swimwear so that you can wear it four ways. This way you feel like you are getting your money's worth and you aren't always wearing the same suit. I have a friend who changed hers throughout the day for fun and everyone loved it. The reversible bikini in this photo is from Eve7 Swimwear. It's uniquely made in California and they have more cute reversible suits on their website. Reversible swimsuits are trending right now so you should have no problem finding yours. Remember when you are looking at the price that you technically can divide the amount by 4 and YOU are totally worth it anyway. If you have or get a reversible bikini, leave a comment so, that others will know where to look.

How to be beautiful...

FOX Having lived in Florida my whole life, I can honestly say that I'm comfortable with myself enough to wear a bikini on the daily. Sadly, having "Social Media" for only 6 months has made me second guess myself. This was the easiest picture I ever took because I did not care about my face, stomach or legs. I still thought, "Maybe I should take another photo because my hands look weird." You probably just looked and thought, "Ya, they do." It's okay because it's what is on the inside that counts. I can only imagine how other women are feeling. If you ever feel insecure- just know that I do too, you are not alone and it is not your fault. Society is making many people feel like looks are what matters; especially in media, movies and magazines. Appearances are just appearances. We should be supporting good people and good companies regardless. We have to remember that imperfection is beauty and how we live is what matters. The true way to f
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode  but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.  ~Audrey Hepburn

Do you know what a sand cloud is?

Watch this video and you can make your own conclusion. I'm a brand ambassador for the towel company Sand Cloud because I believe in their products and efforts. Every product purchased helps save marine life and the ocean! You can use beautiful Sand Cloud towels as a towel, blanket, wrap, home decoration or even a bag. They have the best accessories too. We have a choice in the items we buy and since we are all in this world together, we might as well choose a company that cares about the environment. My order is on the way and yours can be too. Use code PaigeLS25 for 25% off. Feel free to pass on. I believe in you and you can believe in me too. Sand Cloud's Mission

Take me to Copacabana

Copacabana Beachwear I'm day-dreaming of travel while enjoying the beach in this photo. Wouldn't it be nice to go to Copacabana Beach in Brazil? It's one of the most famous beaches in the world. If you can't make it to Brazil you are still in luck because Copacabana Beachwear is located in Florida with plenty of online shopping. The designer follows the latest trends- and pineapples are definitely trending right now. The "Las Pinas" bikini I am wearing is reversible with a full pineapple on the other side (photo below). And, there's much more on their website, including a reversible watermelon bikini and the beautiful Marquees set, all for a fair price! I'm passionate about the lifestyle the brand represents: travel, beach, fashion, the outdoors and enjoying life! That's one of the reasons I am honored to be a brand ambassador for Copacabana Beachwear. Another reason is that it's a company that gives back. A portion of sales will help Ha
BE A PINEAPPLE: STAND TALL, WEAR A CROWN AND BE SWEET INSIDE. More Inspiration:  Paige   Copacabana Beachwear   Ynot Digital

FALL into a good book

By Sarah Kennedy When was the last time you read a book? I find history interesting and picked up this book "The Swimsuit" to learn more. Did you know in 1907 a female swimmer was arrested for indecent exposure? She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit! We have really come a long way and the styles are always coming back, such as the high waist bikini. The pictures are timeless, motivating and classic. In about 100 years, the swimsuit industry has really sky-rocketed. A swimsuit debuted by Gottex sold for 18 million dollars! Wow! With this beautiful fall weather, it seems like a good time to lay on the beach and read a book of interest. It stimulates your brain, you learn and you can get inspired. I'm an author too so I always encourage reading. If you'd like an inspiring book for your children, look for my book "Pig Kissing." It is a available on along with "The Swimsuit." Reading a paper book gives our eyes a much needed rest from the

They said I could be anything...

Little River Springs, Florida So, I'm becoming a mermaid (and not just for Halloween!) I decorated the top of this bikini with a plethora of mermaid-type embellishments. I sewed the bottoms from scratch and then sewed a wrap with perfect fabric to represent a mermaid tail. I made it to be functional and simple too so that I could actually wear it. Even though it is fun to get creative and dress up, I was thinking I would love to be a mermaid for real. I will ask you the same question I asked myself, "What is better than selling bikinis?" Survey says...BEING in a bikini! There are many jobs out there that require a bathing suit, travel and water. How much fun would that be? I'd love to hear your advice and ideas in which people can wear their bathing suits and actually enjoy this beautiful planet. Just leave a comment in the section below. I started this blog for swimwear AND inspiration so that is what I'm going to do. Go after your dreams, know yo