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Trident Swimwear

Trident Swimwear Poseidon, the mythological god of the sea, has power of the water. He was able to use his trident to stir up waves and create sea storms. Mary Wright found the trident to be quite fitting for the name of her swimwear line. Like me, she grew up in Florida, loving life on the water. Her line is meant for the girl who enjoys an active, coastal lifestyle. You can be fearless in the water and in fashion with Trident Swimwear. Mary hand-makes and ships her swimwear from Saint Petersburg, Florida. That's where I had the opportunity to meet Matt for this east coast sunset photo shoot! It was so much fun. I felt confident in Trident swimsuits because of the excellent fit and the unique, flattering styles. I got to pick what I wanted to wear from many styles and see/feel first-hand the excellent quality of the swimsuits. They are adjustable, seamless and reversible. I also got to wear a stunning, black one-piece. The top I'm wearing features braided straps on th
The #1 cause of dead fish? Pollution! #doyourpart (Trident Swimwear with photography by Matt Velez)

Sunset Paddle Board Tour with Manatees

Need I say more? I once read that if you want to go on vacation all the time maybe you should build a life that is a vacation. This obviously stuck with me as I enjoy vacationing and fun in the sun. I decided to live a vacation kind of life and you can, too. On a typical Tuesday, I drove about 15 minutes to meet up with Evan and friends at Travel Country to see manatees while paddle boarding. I already knew what bikini I'd Lagoa Swimwear because it has a zippered-pocket for my things and for it's superior fit/comfort while doing water sports. We also got to bring our dogs so, I stashed some treats for Foxy in the pocket of my bikini top. In a previous post, I mentioned the many benefits of paddle boarding. To go paddle boarding with manatees during sunset is even more rewarding. You can see manatees throughout the waterways of Florida. We went to a special spot in the intracoastal waters of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Manatees are gentle, friendly giants.

Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea  We all need some Vitamin Sea, literally. Without the ocean and marine life, we cannot survive. Why not head to the beach in a tank that supports the sea? I wore the tank I’m sporting in the above photos to New Smyrna Beach, Florida. It happens to be the “shark bite capital of the world” where the locals, tourists and I embrace sharks. It’s important to understand and appreciate nature in all it’s capacities. Being mindful about what we purchase is a simple, ethical step to help the environment. I really love sharks. Just the other day, I ordered my teacup Pomeranian, Foxy, a shark costume online from a big company. Foxy weighs 4 pounds and I got her the extra-small shark costume. It arrived in a plastic bag bigger than my desk and inside was another plastic bag plus unnecessary plastic “stuffing.” For the tiniest dog costume ever? Going out to people all over the world? So much waste of ocean-life-killing plastic. There wasn’t even a nice note inside either. Wh