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Calling All Aqua Addicts!

 Do you love the water, sports and adrenaline? If so, you are an "aqua addict" just like me. Think of all the great things you can do in and around the water (jet skiing, surfing, wake boarding, swimming, fishing, boating, paddle boarding, snorkeling, etc.) Aqua Addict is a new brand in which you can show your love and addiction to the water. It was created by two individuals that enjoy water sports in Philadelphia. They have shirts and tank tops for both men and women. Their merchandise is perfect for any age at a fairly decent price. My cute and comfy raspberry tank top came with a very nice letter; it made me feel special and showed Aqua Addict's passion for working hard. You can check out the link or follow on Instagram. I like their beautiful photos and positive inspiration. I'm all about helping small businesses. When you purchase from them, an actual person does a happy dance!  Shop Aqua Addict merchandise (click here)

What can your bikini do?

Versakini They say a UPS truck is like an ice cream truck for adults. That's how I felt when my Versa-box arrived. Inside was a gorgeous Versakini, a matching bag, a pink bracelet and a card stating "You can do so many things, now your bikini can too!" Fantastic swimwear inspiration! Versakinis can be worn in so many ways, limited only by your imagination. When my box arrived, I had to stop everything and start trying it out for myself. It can be flipped over, it's reversible and it has special loops to change it up. The wonderful women at Versakini provide directions for options to wear the Goddess top. There are at least 30 ways to wear it! It's versatile and fun no matter what you do; whether you are laying out, playing beach volleyball or taking a boat ride. I also guarantee if you run into someone wearing the same bikini, it won't look the same. Mix and match the bottoms for additional looks, too. You can even transform your bikini into a one-pie
Foxy's bikini is made by Smoochie Pooch

Copacabana Nights!

Copacabana Beachwear Great news ladies! Copacabana Beachwear has daytime and nighttime clothes, as well as swimwear. I'm wearing their Mystique top in this photo. It is beautiful and "beachy" while covering me up for an evening at the beach. I think you'll love their cover-ups, playsuits (aka rompers) and dresses. Check out one of my favorites, Tiger Soul, in the link below. You can even get 10% off your purchase at Copacabana Beachwear with my discount code: CCPaige10! The Mystique top and others in the wanderlust collection are reminders that not all who wander are lost. The journey is what matters. With a unique style, Copacabana Beachwear clothing can be worn for any journey. Have fun! Shop Copacabana Beachwear