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Eco-Responsible Sunglasses by Moonshine Eyewear

Moonshine Eyewear and Seafolly Bikini I have worn my newest pair of sunglasses every day since I got them! These stylish Moonshine "sunnies" arrived last week in a tiny box filled with candy from England. I like that there was minimal packaging with recyclable materials only. It may not always be sunny in England but here in the Sunshine State we need our shades all through out the year. I have very lightly-colored blue eyes and the sun is harsh year 'round. Luckily, Moonshine Eyewear partnered with a lens manufacturer to assure that the lenses have excellent clarity and UV 400 protection. A sunny day at the wakeboarding cable park in Orlando, Florida was the perfect opportunity to try them out. I'm wearing the Sundown Second-Life sunglasses in gloss black with gold lenses. There are many different styles, colors and lenses to choose from. All of the sunglasses are eco-responsible; meaning they are made from recycled plastic and eco-friendly resin. They are lig

Blue Coral Swimwear video by Erik Jimenez

My Seafolly Adventure in the Florida Keys!

  Seafolly Always say YES to new adventures! I took my new Seafolly Australia swimsuits to the Florida Keys for the week and it was one of the best adventures I've ever been on. My family and I fished, snorkeled and spent all day, every day on the boat. I was so happy to have the new collection of Seafolly Swimwear to wear!  I've posted my Seafolly bikinis before because it is positively one of the best brands out there. I didn't have to worry about fixing my swimsuits while living my life to the fullest! My brother caught a shark and brought it on the boat- good thing I wasn't worried about my swimsuit. I also caught a lot of fish and swam with Goliath Grouper! With an excellent fitting bikini like Seafolly, one does not have to worry about what they are wearing. Both of these bikinis fit so good because I had the right size, the fabric lays nicely and I was able to adjust the straps for the perfect fit for my body before we hit the water. You ca