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It's official...I'm a Saltwater Hippie!

Saltwater Hippie - The Flip Flop Company - Body Glove Surfboard - Native Eyewear As I stood there looking at the foggy, cold water here in Florida, I couldn't help but think about the obvious climate change and extreme weather that has been affecting the world. I promote environmentally friendly brands for this very reason. I just want to swim in the saltwater every day and I've been really hoping to try out my new inflatable surfboard from Body Glove. Pollution of all kinds, all over the planet is the main cause of climate change and we all need to be doing something about it to literally save the world. And then it hit me, I'm such a hippie. I have long hair, prefer nature, I'm laid back, I enjoy music and I just want world peace. Would you believe I used to go around planting trees and worked on protecting sea-turtles in 4-H when I was younger? It's my love for the ocean that makes me want to save the earth and turned me into an official "Saltwater Hip