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SEAS the Day

Copacabana Beachwear I'm ready to seize the day in my nautical-themed bikini from Copacabana Beachwear. I felt comfortable to jump off rocks and take on the waves with my rash-guard top. It covers well, it has a zipper and there are cups built in. The bottoms are Brazilian style with tie-side and perfect for tanning. Copacabana Beachwear has the cutest bikinis with all different styles. The suits are always true to size, too. I just love the blue and white stripes on my Martina bikini! The new collection has some unique bikini sets I would recommend; such as The Maldives, The Peacock and The Festival. Since we are still loving pineapples (like the last Copacabana bikini I posted), they have a new high-neck top that is black with pineapples. Cool! It's time to get your newest summer bikini at a fair price so, check out their website today at You can get yours with 10% off with my brand ambassador discount code CCPAIGE10. When you purchase fr

Signs you might be a mermaid...

Raisins Swimwear and Finis "Luna" Monofin *You have mermaid bikinis, like the Ruffled "Mermaid Scale" Raisins bikini seen in this photo. *You have a mermaid monofin. *You have a mermaid towel, mermaid accessories and a mermaid tail blanket. *You play in the waves and swim with the sharks. *You ride out the storms. *You aren't afraid to dive in. *You drink like a fish. *You have a fear of shallow living. *You live so deep that life takes your breath away. *You always "Seas" the day!

Dreams do come true!

Finis Mermaid Monofin (Bikini: Raisins) My dreams are coming true and yours can, too. I am on my way to becoming a mermaid, especially now that I have my very own Finis Mermaid Fin! When we were younger, my sister and I used to play in the pool and pretend we were mermaids. We had to keep our legs together as one fin or swim only with our arms. Raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about. When I put on my Finis Luna Mermaid Monofin it was just like that, only better! Not only did I look and feel like a mermaid but, I swam like a mermaid, too! However, this beautiful swimming equipment is not intended for novice swimmers. Since I am a pretty strong swimmer, I caught on quickly and learned to "become one" with my mermaid fin. I have to admit that kicking my fin out of the water in the photo above was a lot harder than it looks. I think it'd be a fun swimming workout for your summer bikini body. There are plenty of monofins to chose from but let me
The ocean is everything I want to be...beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

Nature formed me fierce!

Fleece by Nature City (Bikini: Ale by Alessandra) I chose the title of this post from a quote by Lady Caroline Lamb. It rang true to my heart as I lay on my water fleece blanket from Nature City. Sometimes nature can be fierce itself and has a way of making us stronger than we knew we could be. That's one of the things that make nature beautiful and I think we can learn a lot from it. I obviously love nature with a passion and give special preference to water! This has led me to appreciate the work by Nature City. It's a company born from the love of the beach in sunny Florida. Nature City sells beach decor for your home, your pets and of course, your trip to the beach. If you like "tropical" they've got it- from palm trees to beach scenery to jellyfish. The owner takes all his own pictures and uses them on each of his inspirational products. Nature City has breathtaking images of blue water on duvet covers, blankets, pillows, shower curtains and more


Raisins Swimwear I'm hooked and I can't stop staring! Every Raisins bikini I own has a unique and fun back. I love the fronts too but the backs are something that stood out to me as every time I wear one, that's what someone else has pointed out. It's always nice to hear compliments and you will surely get noticed with backs like these. As I've mentioned before, Raisins is a great brand of swimwear with many choices. Raisins bikinis are trendy with beautiful patterns and bright colors. I like pink and "girlie" so, that's what I got but there are so many styles. The fit is spot-on and the fabric soft. My high-necks are great for women who need support, women with small children and those that love doing water sports. All of the backs seen in these photos will help you feel comfortable and they prevent your neck from aching. I am typically a triangle top kind of girl but, it's nice not to have to keep tying knots around your neck and back. I