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Swimwear Inspiration goes to Italy!!!

Welcome to Sicily! This was our backyard for a few days with beautiful views and beautiful beaches right at our fingertips. I wore my newest Island Mermaid Tribe reversible bikini to take a dip one evening and during the day I went exploring in my ever-so-popular yellow Seafolly. You can get this Seafolly at Bikini Company! While we were in Sicily, my family and I went on an absolutely amazing boat trip. We explored caves, snorkeled and fully experienced the Sicilian way. It's a colorful world out there and I was honored to wear my new colorful Just Bones Boardwear TM. You can get a discount on any JB swag using my code Paige15 at checkout. Just Bones Boardwear   We made a stop in Florence and then made our way under the Tuscan sun. We had our very own pool at this glorious Tuscany house. I showed off my new JP Holahan Studio bikini with matching pareo. We had a fun family pool day and I was happy to wear my eco-friendly Holahan suit made of fabric t