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Head Turnin' Style!

Versakini Swimsuit/Native Sunglasses/Shopwish Necklace/4Ocean Bracelet/FLW Photos Here's how I literally turned heads and stopped conversations. I got off of work and headed straight to Chases on the Beach. I had on the newest reversible one-piece by Versakini, eye-catching sunglasses by Native Eyewear and a stunning necklace from my friend's new business Shopwish. I couldn't help but feel stylish and many people came up to me to ask me about my look. It always feels nice to receive compliments and get to talk to others about what I'm passionate about. The wonderful ladies of For the Love of Water, FLW Photos, met me there to capture these great pictures. Let us know if you are interested in getting product shots for your business. The one-piece is a plunging swimsuit from Versakini. Check out my other posts about Versakini, with versatile and stylish swimsuits. This brand was started on Shark Tank and I've really watched it grow over the past year. You

We're Tropical Maniacs!

Tropical Maniac Would you like to be a tropical maniac? TM is the logo you may have been seeing on clothing and stickers that represents one of my favorite lifestyle brands, Tropical Maniac. We are crazy for the tropical life. We love the beach, saltwater and basically anything and everything that has to do with it. I had the pleasure of meeting up with the owners at the Orlando Surf Expo (photo above) and they are the coolest. They are great people with a great company. The "Tropical Maniac" shack is located in Matagorda, Texas. You can shop in person or online for beach gear, beach furniture, beach art and souvenirs. I like my shirts because the fabric is light-weight and they have creative sayings on them. The backs of my Tropical Maniac shirts say "Seize the Bay" and "It's all about that bays and treble." My hat is adjustable and just right for fishing or boating in the hot Florida sun. My awesome sister-in-law loves the tank I gave he

LOVE is the best investment...

Blue Coral Swimwear & Tiffany Sunglasses Dear Beautiful, This swimsuit is unique, just like you. Wear with confidence and be yourself. ~Blue Coral Swimwear These are the words of the sweet note attached to my new black one-piece by Blue Coral. Isn't it fabulous? Blue Coral is all about inspiring women to be body positive and their swimwear is inspired by your beauty. The owner and designer is a lovely woman who inspires other women to love themselves and see their inner beauty. Self-love is a must when wearing a swimsuit and I like how the note put a smile on my face before I even put my new swimsuit on. I chose this suit because it is called the "Audrey" in Blue Coral's new Romance Collection. I'm a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. We can learn a lot from her class, kindness and strength. I also slightly resemble her character in the beloved movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, which inspired this photo shoot and I literally have my neighbor to tha
Bracelet by Nautical Sun Beads with 10% of profits donated to The Ocean Foundation