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"The Making of a Bikini"

Planning First of all, you are really awesome for taking the time to read this post. I mostly blog about the swimwear brands I adore because they are inspiring, established, stylish and fun to wear! But what many people do not know is that I too can make an awesome bikini! I decided to blog about the process for others to see. The first step is to imagine a design. I often think of an idea and sketch it out. I wait and think on it some more because my creativity is constantly flowing. I knew I wanted to make something unique, functional and helpful to women. For example, Lauren at Lagoa Swimwear made a bikini top with a zippered pocket...genius! When designing this bikini, I took into consideration that many women do not want a bikini top that ties around their neck and I thought about how I could make a much-asked-for "sporty but girlie" top. It helps that I love my job as a swimwear style and fit specialist so I constantly take note of what women need/want. One of
A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms. O'neill Top H2oh Bottoms Bikini Company Keshia Del Mar Jewelry  Tristine Davis Photography For the Love of Water Freeport, Bahamas

Good friends and a loving family...

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida ...are worth their weight in gold! I've learned that it's not what I have in my life but who I have in my life. I don't have a big house, a new car or lots of money. What I do have is an amazing family, loyal friends and memories that will last forever. A trip to the west coast of Florida brought some of my family and friends together for a weekend of fun. We always have a great time together and we spent most of our time in Florida's sunshine at the pool, at the beach, on an island and boating. I'm fortunate enough to surround myself with good people who bring out the good in others. They have lifted me up in so many ways, keeping me positive and grateful. They inspire me to fulfill my dreams. They also know I love discussing swimwear styles and I'm happy to see them becoming quite savvy at knowing swimwear styles themselves. I enjoy helping other women feel confident and knowledgeable about the best swimsuit for their bodies.

Beautiful Lagoa

Lagoa Swimwear Ever been to Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro? I haven't but, it sure looks beautiful. The founder of Lagoa Swimwear got her idea to create these unique swimsuits while spending time in the lagoons of Lagoa in Brazil. These beautiful bikinis were designed to make beach days better. You can look and feel beautiful at the beach in your Lagoa swimsuit with three "must-haves" packed into one swimsuit. First and foremost, Lagoa swimwear comes with a zippered-pocket! A pocket you say? I have never seen or heard of a bikini with a pocket in it. It is located under the arm and you can't even tell it's there. Your beach days just got better because you can put your money, ID, jewelry and chapstick in there. What a clever way to keep your valuables safe when you're in the water. I chose to explore Egmont Key and snorkel in the Gulf of Mexico in my Lagoa Bikini with treasures stashed in my bikini top's pocket. Secondly, we won't have beautiful