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Sink or Swim?

"Sink or Swimwear" is one of the best books I've ever read and I just love that title! I found the entire book to be very intriguing and interesting. The chapter titles captured my attention and I finished it within a week. It was very well-written and and easy to read. I felt it to be educational and juicy at the same time. I definitely enjoyed reading about both the "glamour and gloom" in the fashion industry and the seeds that help others grow. It reminded me of my days at Miami Swim Week and Surf Expo. The author is the owner and designer of Just Bones Boardwear™, the awesome brand I've represented for years. I met her at Surf Expo in Orlando in 2017 and we have kept a great relationship ever since. I am so proud of her for writing this book! She is kind, relatable, real and inspirational. She is not alone and quite brave. There were many messages of hope, love and support embedded in the book. Thank you for sharing your great story and advice, Jennifer.