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I have so many great things to say about this Eco-friendly brand, Hakuna Wear. I decided to make a little show-and-tell video in my newest suit. This one has a bikini-lock to tighten it when it gets wet and a secret pocket. Watch the full video to find out more and check out to get your Hakuna Wear at a great price!

A swimsuit for all your needs!

Dylee and Lylee Whether you want to wake board, surf or go fishing, I've got the swimsuit for all your needs. As you can see from these photos, I like to wear this one piece for all kinds of water sports. Even if you want to lounge around at the beach or have something cute-n-comfy to wear with jean shorts, this is the suit for you. The one piece seen here is made by Dylee and Lylee. This is one of my favorite brands from Hawaii and the pineapple print is sweet as can be. The design is flattering and gives a slimming effect. I love that it's reversible and adjustable. This is the type of suit that I think will look good on everyone and will fit all women nicely. It doesn't tie around your neck and you can pull it up high on your hips for the trending high-rise leg look. It's made of Eco-friendly fabric with UVA protection, too. You can support this small American business and other brands helping to save the Earth buy shopping at . It'

Dogs, never head to the beach without them.

Dog Model: Foxy / Pet Bed: Nature City / Photography: Lety Grab your swimsuit and hit the beach with your dog! My little Foxy is as happy as can be on her pet bed by Nature City. The cover is super soft and removable with a choice of beautiful tropical prints.   Buy this Eco-friendly Pet Bed and more at