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Angelic Dotti

Dotti Cover-Up (with Tiffany Sunglasses) After a long day spreading our wings at sea, we can be prepared to pull the boat up to a dock or restaurant in a Dotti cover-up. It's nice to have a cover-up that will make you feel beautiful after being out in the sun all day and Dotti does just that with it's elegant designs. Pictured here is one that makes me feel like an angel from the 2018 Missy collection. White is classy, simple and pure. Plus, it easily matches any swimsuit. The pretty lace detail of the top and design on the end of the sleeves caught my eye. It's the type of cover-up I can also wear as a dress. It's a little see-through due to the fabric (which is great to show a little of my swimsuit) but if I decide to wear it shopping or to work, I can put a tank top and leggings under it. It also slides right over your head for a quick and easy way to get yourself covered before going anywhere. I really enjoy dresses with long-sleeves so, wearing this new co


Petflair Swimsuit & Photography by Lety Remior When one of my friends told me he had heard about a company that let's you put a picture of your dog on your swimsuit (and knew it would be right up my alley of course), I went straight to my lap top and began searching for it. It didn't take long as the crowd-funding buzz had started to make it's way around the internet. I found the website and had a look for myself. This fabulous company is from Australia and called Petflair. Am I the only one who goes straight to the "about us" section or do you do that too? It helped me to see that this was a company I wanted to support because not only is it a great story with a unique idea but Petflair donates 25% of it's profits to Pound Paws (a charity for abandoned pets.) I decided I needed to find out more about the making of swimsuits with our pets. These babies are $99, which is reasonable, especially for a customized suit with your dog! However,

Bikinis Made From Bottles

    Barebeach Recycle your plastic bottles so that Barebeach can keep making bikinis! It's probably hard to believe but the cute Barebeach swimsuit I am wearing is made of plastic bottles. The soft, high-quality, fabric is a combination of 82% recycled polyester and 18% spandex made by a company called Repreve. I was proud to wear this earth friendly bikini on a day at the beach with my family. Mostly, I was excited to share with others about how it's made. Barebeach Swimwear has great style and coverage as well. You can get different colors/prints and this strappy triangle top is a stylish trend that is getting popular. There is also a sporty style top which is great for watersports and even more coverage. Be sure to check the provided size chart because I went down one size and it fit me better. Mother Nature is crying for help and we can all do our part. Plastic is destroying our waterways so we might as well turn it into something good. I like that there is a spe
The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires but,  in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.  ~Bob Marley Click here to hear about Luminous Sol's integrity and see my positive photo published on USA Love List!