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Shark Week

Connected Clothing Company Connected Clothing Company is eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced and ethically-made in the U.S.A. Connected Clothing is designed to raise awareness of animal/environmental issues and also donates a portion of profits to animal/environmental causes. Our shirts state the facts: 100 MILLION SHARKS KILLED EVERY YEAR MAKE SHARK FINNING ILLEGAL  SHARKS HELP BALANCE THE ECOSYSTEMS IN THE LAST 30 YEARS SHARK POPULATIONS HAVE DECLINED BY 90% SHARKS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR NEARLY 400 MILLION YEARS 11,000 SHARKS KILLED EVERY HOUR 145 NATIONS ENGAGE IN FIN TRADE 3.2 SHARKS ARE KILLED EVERY SECOND 400 SPECIES OF SHARKS WE MUST ACT NOW STOP KILLING SHARKS PROTECT OUR SHARKS