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Top 5 Ways to Wear a Versakini: See "What Can Your Bikini Do?" for more information!

Halter One-shoulder  Criss-Cross Halter Bandeau (reversed to pink) Rib-Cross

How I got Kibini Kissed

Top: Kibinis by Lee Lee (Bottoms: Victoria's Secret) Getting Kibini Kissed was a great experience from start to finish. A Kibini is a custom-made swimsuit designed for you by a small business in Texas. No two Kibinis are alike; my dream come true and one of the reasons I started making my friends and I personal, unique bikinis. To get Kibini Kissed: I got to pick out the design I wanted, the color I wanted, the fabric styles I like and give my exact bra size for a perfect fit. I even provided specifics about me, like how I am "super girlie" and would love light pink with lace. The Kibini team then started shopping for my fabric and putting it all together. They focus on bikini tops since that is what most women are concerned about and they will make it to fit your needs. You can pair your custom top with bottoms you have or they will even shop for some matching bottoms for you! I like wearing my beautiful, pink lace off-the-shoulder bikini top with white bottom
Ft. Pierce, Florida


Sand Cloud You may have seen #Savethefishies and wondered what it's all about. It was started by Sand Cloud Towels and it represents commitment toward the preservation of marine life. Sand Cloud is a company made up of beach lovers, photographers, surfers and all-around good people that care about the environment. If you enjoy nature, it helps to buy from a good company that gives back. When you purchase from Sand Cloud, 10% of sales are donated to protect marine life. The number one culprit effecting our oceans and beaches is plastic. 85% of litter found in the ocean is plastic! Animals are ingesting it and getting tangled it. Sand Cloud donates to three main non-profit organizations: SurfRider Foundation, Pacific Marine Mammal Center and San Diego Coastkeeper. Please help support these amazing organizations by donating directly to them or by purchasing from I call it "fashion with passion." Everyone needs towels for when they get out of the