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Spreading Sunshine

JP Holahan Designs A few years ago, I read the quote "If you need sunshine, be the sunshine" and I decided it was worth the try. It took me some time but, I'm proud to say that people now refer to me as spreading sunshine on a consistent basis. I challenge you to try it! Be the sunshine in someone's cloudy day or be the sunshine in your own life. Soon you'll be spreading sunshine or maybe you already do. While you're at it, you can wear some "sunshine" too. That's what I thought of when I saw this bright and cheery "Citrus Banda Bikini" at the 2018 Orlando Surf Expo. I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Holahan Designs at the Surf Expo and they brightened my day. They are such nice people with a lot of talent. I found out that my first Holahan suit was inspired by a work of art made by Roxanne Holahan (see previous post "Happy in Holahan!") I also got to see their newest artwork with a beautiful Koi Fish on a o
Radio Fiji - Radio Fiji - Victoria Secret The sky is not the limit. Your mind is. ~Marilyn Monroe


Salty Dog Paddle Apparel, Body Glove Water-shoes, Native Eyewear Foxy and I have an epic adventure every time we go paddle boarding and you can too! I like different water sports for different reasons. Paddle boarding is great because it's relaxing, it's exercise and it's fun all at the same time. I get to enjoy nature with my little fox right by side. We've seen dolphin and manatee many times together. Animals are dear to most of our hearts and we can have fun while helping them at the same time. I'm wearing a Salty Dog Paddle boarding shirt to represent my "SUP PUP" and dogs everywhere. Salty Dog Apparel gives 100% of it's proceeds to injured dogs that have been rescued. Since they are made up of volunteers, they do not keep anything for themselves. Salty Dog uses water sports as a way to raise funds and awareness for pets and marine life. Isn't that fabulous? They educate others about the water/marine life on their paddle board tours an

Life's short...enjoy the ride!

Flaunt Vehicles, Get To The Water Tank, Luminous Sol Bikini I have day-dreamed of being able to ride my old dirt bike on the beach in a bikini and well, Flaunt Vehicles made my dream come true! Flaunt makes electric bikes that you can ride on the road, dirt or on the beach. My friend and I got to take them out for a spin and it was an awesome ride! Flaunt Electric Vehicles was founded on the idea that Eco-friendly transportation could be stylish, performance-drive, safe & fun. They are not your ordinary bikes so, we needed a quick lesson in the pedal-assist system and controlling the 6 levels of speed. We practiced a little in the parking lot and then we headed to the beach. It was a smooth ride and easier than you'd think. We made it in time to confidently ride along the beach in our bikinis and enjoy the beautiful sunset. I was proud to be wearing my Eco-friendly bikini by Luminous Sol Swimwear while enjoying the speed of an Eco-friendly bik