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Healthy habits for that swimsuit body...

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After Body Meals, crop top, Hustle Habit, T-shirt, Versakini, bikini, strappy, reversible, bikini bottoms, colorful,healthy meals, prepared meals, meals delivered, fresh meals, healthy habits, eat fresh, organic, stay active, fit, fitness, gym, watersports, beach, paddle board, surf, wakeboard, yoga, new smyrna, daytona, florida life, bikini season, swimsuits, how to get a bikini body
After Body Meals crop-top and Versakini reversible bikini bottoms

My shirt says "Hustle Habit," the motto of After Body Meals, a local company that delivers healthy meals to your front door or gym. Eating healthy and staying active are good habits for all! After Body Meals makes it easy for you to eat healthy and fresh. Then, you can use that energy to have some fun in the sun as exercise. People are usually surprised I don't go to a gym, however, I do have what I consider to be healthy habits. I'm far from perfect but, I thought I could share some tips that I feel have helped me to stay confident in my swimwear in hopes that you will, too.

First, I eat healthy for the most part. I think most people give up on diets because they are too restricting and no fun. When eating healthy foods that you like is made your way of life, it is much easier and you will feel good in general. I like to eat fresh, nutrient-rich foods that are beneficial to my body on a daily basis. That way when I'm out with friends, at a party or on vacation it doesn't effect me to eat something different. I think it also helps that I do not buy junk food/soda or stop at fast food restaurants on a regular basis. It's good to make a grocery list of what you really want/need and make healthy choices a habit. For example, I drink a cup of hot green tea with honey and lemon every morning with the most important and yummy meal of the day...breakfast. And, I have fruit or nuts as a snack instead of chips or candy. When I was in Daytona Beach, I stopped at After Body Meals for a delicious smoothie which is easy on your digestive system and great for your bikini body. I got the Power Greens smoothie because it has super-foods like fresh bananas, blueberries, spinach, chia, avacado and pineapple. I'm no expert but, I have definitely done extensive research on foods/drinks most important for me and this smoothie was a perfect choice. We got to hear all about the hand-made, fresh meals to go and found out they deliver all the way to Orlando! The founder of After Body Meals sends me suggestions regarding my nutritional concerns and assures me there are never preservatives in the prepared meals. There's also a vegan menu, a breakfast menu and juice cleanses. Not only is it super healthy but it tastes good and saves you so much time when you don't have to go grocery shopping, look up new recipes, cook or clean up. I'm excited to try the protein pancakes.

Did you know women hold stress in their stomach? Stress inflames your stomach lining. It's best for your body to "let it go." Laughing is a great way to let go of stress and laughing helped me get a six-pack. Did that make you smile? Because smiling makes your whole body feel good and you'll be ready to take on the day. So get out there and have some fun. I like yoga and water-sports because it's more like your relaxing and having fun than working-out. You still get all the benefits and more if you're active in nature. (See "Paige's Paddle Boarding Benefits") Trust me, you will feel the burn of your muscles in your entire body after wake-boarding. Most are willing to go do that with friends instead of only going to the dreaded gym. Here's a hard habit you'll be glad to break- TV. I didn't even own a TV until a friend gave me one recently and I'd still rather be doing something in the sun or something worthwhile. Like I said, I stay active. While my coffee is brewing I do squats in the kitchen and at work I rarely sit down. I park far away from places on purpose and I run up and down my stairs every day. In yoga, you learn to pull your belly button back toward your spine and well, I do that pretty much all the time. My favorite evening "work out" is to dance the night away as if nobody's watching! I am always doing something and when this weather warms up, you'll be sure to see the proof. Let me know if you'd like to join me for some spring water-sports (or a dance off!) Bikini and Boat season is just around the corner.
Most of all, I think confidence and happiness with yourself is healthy. Getting a swimsuit that looks fabulous and fits properly is important as well. I can help with that. The cute Versakini bottom I'm wearing is reversible and the strappy detail gives a flattering look. I think this new year's resolution shouldn't be about losing or gaining weight. It shouldn't be about going to the gym or starting a diet either. It should be about a healthy, habitual, happy you! Plus, all you need for a swimsuit body is to have a body and put on a swimsuit.


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