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Fab Bikini

Everybody needs to believe in something. You may not believe in unicorns but you can believe this, I won this "totally fab" swimsuit on Instagram as an avid follower of @fab_bikini! Just seeing the photos of the bikinis in my feed made me smile every time. They have such fun prints and I'm so glad I decided to enter the giveaway. When I won, I got to pick which print I wanted and I knew exactly what to choose...unicorns and rainbows! After all, I never would've won if I didn't believe there was a chance.

Fab Bikini is an etsy shop based in the U.K. You can get high quality hand-made swimwear and active wear at affordable prices. I like how Fab Bikini has many styles to chose from like high-waist bottoms, bandeaus or trendy knotted tops. But to me, the prints are where it's at! You can choose diamonds, cats, Mickey Mouse, mermaid scales, watermelons, flowers, hamburgers, palm trees, pineapples and even jelly beans (just to name a few.) After browsing the Fab Bikini etsy shop, I saw an awesome shark print that I'll want to get for next year's shark week. They've got anything you're obsessing over right now. Halloween is just around the corner, too. You can get a Fab Bikini with Halloween prints or choose a print for a fun costume.

The unicorn is a symbol of belief, hope, beauty and uniqueness. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams! After all, you'll never find a unicorn or see a rainbow if you don't try. You'll look and feel FABulous doing it in a Fab Bikini.

believe, fab bikini, FabBikini, fabulous, bikini, unicorn, unicorns, rainbows, fantasy, colorful, dreams, clouds, believe in yourself,swimwear, swimsuit, high waist,, vintage, bandeau, home-made, united kingdom, instagram, beach


  1. Love this article, thank you for the feature! Such cute photos! :) x

    1. Thanks so much! Everyone has been loving this bikini. :) Keep up the great work. xo

    2. Awesome...this has spurred me on to keep going...thank you! :) xx

    3. Yay, I'm so happy to hear that! Just believe. ;)


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